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Anonymous asked: As a person not from Scotland or anywhere in the Commonwealth I have a question- well 2: 1. Would Scotland be part of the Commonwealth if the votes come out as yes? 2. Are you worried at all about EU acceptance? I know Spain and Belgium have stated they would probably vote no because of secession movements in their own nations (and from their perspectives saying no would make sense).

No worries.

Scotland is already recognized as Scotland in the commonwealth so there is no question that we will remain in the commonwealth.

No, we’re one of the largest producers of oil and renewable energy in the EU, I don’t think they want to lose that. Spain’s priminister has said they will but then spain’s foreign minister says they won’t. The real thing is though, we’re already a regional member, they are not mechanisims to kick us out the EU.

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poemsbyphoenix asked: So I am not Scottish or English but I believe that the people have the right to decide their own fates in government so good luck to you today. May the people of Scotland choose the path their land takes, and may they choose wisely and justly. (Also after reading up- even though I feel I have no say as an American- I'd vote yes, if I was in your situation.) so good luck to you! And good luck to all of Scotland! May you have a chance to show the world the power of democracy and choice. :)

Thank you very much, makes me feel so happy to hear you say this :)

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bateauxshoes asked: Hi ! I have a question about the referendum (and I know you're very well informed on this) It's about the BBC I've seen a lot of people saying it was biased, is that true ? And if so why ? What happened ? (I searched but I didn't found something very clear) thanks :)

Well when people say the BBC is bias, they’re meaning BBC New, not like Doctor who or anything.

They’ve done lot of rather dodgy reporting on the referendum being more friendly to people from the no side, rather than being equal on the matter. Its rather un-fair. 

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okay so im sick of people making assumptions about me because im voting yes in the scottish independence referendum tomorrow. i do not hate the english, i just want a better scotland for my generation where we can actually do something about the serious poverty problem and get the government we vote for.

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Anonymous asked: dude i'm excited for you guys tomorrow--i cant vote but have found a lot of info over the past few months and am anxious to see what happens... what do you think or hope friday will be like? if there's a yes or a no? i hope scotland can pull together and push forward no matter what the decision is, it seems like you are a tough bunch : )

I hope to wake up on Friday ,after staying up far into the night, to a Yes vote; Its the best for the country and I really hope its what we get.

We always do and I how we can do it again now, whatever the outcome is.

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English ministers (namely Labour in this video, I think) deigned to pop North of the wall to tell us not to vote for independence.

It didn’t go well.

One guy had a megaphone, the Star Wars trilogy, and a dream.